Our Vision and Values

Ten Percent Happier is a vision and values driven organization that operates around the principles of self management, wholeness, and evolutionary purpose. Everything we do is aligned with our collective vision of a future world where: All people develop the inner resources to cultivate happiness. We work towards this vision of the world everyday through six shared values:

  • Human First. We deeply care for each other, and we're unafraid of bringing this care into our work. We see, support, and celebrate each other as humans - flaws and all - with grace and compassion.
  • Own Your Stuff. We name our foibles allowing us to work with them, rather than being driven blindly by them.
  • Say The Hard Thing. We owe it to each other to speak up. Hard feedback, delivered skillfully, helps our colleagues grow and is great for business.
  • Don’t Side With Yourself. We have a deeply rooted tendency to cling to our views. We strive to escape our subjectivity and appreciate other perspectives.
  • Build More Skateboards. Innovation requires rapid iteration and failure. World-changing ideas always start out woefully inadequate, even embarrassing. When we understand this, we stop criticizing the skateboards and start extending trust.
  • For Us All. We welcome the innate value that comes from diverse experiences. We are invested in creating a collaborative and equitable work environment where each of us feels supported, valued, and recognized for our unique contribution to what we collectively produce, and where we each feel a sense of belonging.

We ask interested folks to carefully assess their excitement about our vision and values as they are central to mutual happiness in any role at Ten Percent.

Your Role:

Your mission is to execute various podcast marketing tactics to help us grow our audiences on Ten Percent Happier and More Than A Feeling.

What you will do:

You will focus on project management, execution, and performance reporting of podcast marketing tactics to support audience growth on the Ten Percent Happier podcast and the second season launch of More Than A Feeling. Time spent in each area listed below is an estimate as the amount of time you spend on different tactics will vary from week to week.

  • Promo Swaps: est. 2-5 hours/week
    • Outreach: You’ll be given a list of priority contacts and will bring your own ideas for best-fit shows and networks to trade with.
    • Trades: You’ll negotiate beneficial trades, ensuring we have the inventory to deliver on swaps.
    • Tracking: If spot tracking is needed, you’ll handle set up and coordination.
    • Communication: You will clearly communicate production and trafficking needs to the ads and promotions producer in our project management software (Monday.com).
  • Paid Media: est. 2-3 hours/week
    • Strategy: Review past campaigns and current budget and make strategic recommendations to the CMO and podcast team leads
    • Negotiate: Reach out and land the best available paid media
    • Manage: Ensure deliverables are created and delivered for campaigns, ensure proper invoicing and approvals
    • Report: Report back on paid media performance
  • Season Launch Project Management: est. 2-3 hours/week
    • Planning: Work with the More Than a Feeling to plan needed launch assets and delivery schedule
    • Communication: Keep the team on track and flex and reprioritize with their production schedule as needed
  • Platform Pitching: est. 1 hour/week (occasional)
    • Planning: Lay out a platform pitching schedule, planning to pitch 4 weeks prior to requested feature
    • Execution: Gathering necessary information from show teams and submitting pitches
    • Reporting: Keeping the team informed on features and reporting back performance results
  • Partner Marketing Coordination: 1-2 hours/week
    • Planning: Meet with partner marketing manager (Wondery) bi-weekly to intake needs and questions
    • Communicate: Share marketing opportunities and advocate for support
    • Execution: Shepherd deliverables on collaborative opportunities
  • Company and Podcast Team Meetings and Check-ins: est. 2-5 hours/week
    • Attend regular team meetings
    • Lead regular show-specific marketing meetings

What you will bring to the team:

  • You have strong project management chops with two years of podcast marketing experience including negotiating promo swaps with external partners, planning internal cross-promotion, pitching to platforms, and setting up paid media campaigns.
  • You work well both independently and as part of a team: you’re self-directed and can manage a large and varied list of tasks that also requires you to collaborate closely with others.
  • You communicate and collaborate really well: you’ll be excited to work with the podcast production team and the larger Ten Percent Happier marketing team and can understand, hold, and consider the perspectives of many stakeholders.
  • You are hungry to fully own execution of marketing tactics for two shows and can clearly report back on what’s working and what isn’t.

Who you will work with:

You will report directly to Toni Magyar, Director of Podcast Strategy and Operations

You will work alongside Sarah Bidnick, Allison Bryant, Jen Poyant, Kimmie Regler

Why we think you’ll like working here:

  • You’ll contribute to a growing company that is changing people's lives for the better
  • We foster a culture that values clear and kind communication.
  • We're passionate about reasonable work hours, flexibility in getting work done, and respecting and valuing the whole life you live.
  • You will be welcomed into a diverse and inclusive workplace where we learn from each other's experiences, abilities and perspectives.
  • We’ll provide you with a competitive compensation rate

Our investment in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging:

Ten Percent Happier seeks to help people become happier, more connected, and more resilient in the face of life’s challenges. We aim to cultivate a culture that is steeped in the values and practices that we promote through our products and media channels. We welcome the cultural enrichment that comes from diverse experiences in education, class background, age, culture, ethnicity, race, color, sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, nation of origin, languages spoken, able-bodiedness, religion and beliefs. We are invested in creating a work environment that supports each of us in feeling valued and recognized for our unique contributions to what we collectively produce, and where we each feel a sense of belonging.

Ten Percent Happier is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of any state or federally protected classes.

If you require reasonable accommodation in completing an application, interviewing, completing any pre-employment exercises, or otherwise participating in the employee selection process, please email people at tenpercent.com.